IP Contact Center Frontier

Omni-Channel Service Platform

IPRON-Omni is an Omni-Channel service platform that organically unites multi-channels together.
We provide consistent counseling services to all customers and implement a profit center through
easy channel movements and customized customer experience.
The implementation of an integrated center environment improves the productivity
and operational efficiency, and provides all functions for a digital marketing communication to realize
the Omni-Channel marketing of companies.

  • Customer communications
    with channel integration
    • Provide an integrated multi-channel consultation environment for customer communications such as telephone, chat, SNS, SMS, video, e-mail, QA, FAQ, etc.
  • Customer-centered channel
    • Provide consistent and personalized customer service based on integrated multi-channel customer experience.
    • One-Stop conseling with an organic integration and mutual interaction between the multi-channels.
  • Execution tool for marketing
    • Supporting activities for inbound marketing through an online / mobil targetted (Push, Banner) execution strategies and analysis of target results.
    • Continuously creating lead by tailored customer management, such as e-mail, push, and banner, etc., for each customer.
  • Real-time information analysis
    • Analysis of the real-time visitor information and the results of targeting execution.
    • Providing customized service strategy based on customer experience through analysis of contact history, counseling routing and counseling results for each channel.
  1. 1

    Integrated multi-channel counseling
    • Phone, chat, video, smart counseling, SMS, e-mail, SNS.
    • Multichannel Integrating Routing and Complex Channel Counseling Support.
    • One-point counseling based on integrated softphone.
    • Providing a seamless channel-to-channel mobility.
  2. 2

    Real-time Targeted Marketing
    • Analysis of web visitor behavior in real-time.
    • Targeting rule-based banner, push, etc.
    • Dashboard and statistics of targeted marketing activities.
    • Dedicated customer and prospective customer management.
  3. 3

    Analysis and utilization of customer context
    • Integrated analysis of customer experience data by channel.
    • Analysis of customer contexts based o counseling history and call recording.
    • Customized and personalized service based on customer experience.
    • Automatic scenario configuration chatbot, smart helper.(FAQ)
  4. 4

    Integrated Operations Management
    • Integrated operations management of multi-channel resources.
    • Business and counselor-oriente operations management environment.
    • Multi-channel integrating dashboard, tracking and statistics.
    • Integrated management of configuration, such as operating hours, holiday management, etc.
  • Installation environment
    • OS : Linux
    • DB : Oracle 11g
    • PC : Windows XP or Windows 7
  • Minimum system requirements
    • CPU - Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz * 1
    • RAM - 16GByte Memory
    • HDD - 300 GByte * 2
  • IPCC configuration layer
    ipron IPPC layer
  • Financial
    • KB Credit Card

    • K-Bank

    • toss Bank

    • National Credit Union
      Federation of Korea

    • Kyongnam local Bank

  • Government
    • National Health
      Insurance Service

    • National Advocacy Agency
      for Persons with Disabilities

    • National Information
      Society Agency

  • Enterprise
    • itembay